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Adorable Kids Room Paint Ideas

baby boy room paint color ideas
Kids room paint ideas are probably helpful for you who want to decorate your kid’s bedroom. Indeed, kid loves a lot of things that are colorful and cute. However, boys and girls are strongly different. Boys tend to love superhero, cartoon animation character, or vehicle things. Meanwhile, girls commonly love flowers, princess, Barbie, pink, or cute animal things. Therefore, you have to consider many things if you are going to paint their rooms.   Kids Room Paint Ideas for Boys For boys, you may paint those things that have been mentioned above. Boy hates girly things, even everything that is colorized with pink, so that you need to avoid pink color. Blue and red are the most common colors for boys. For example, you could paint a Spiderman theme on your kid’s bed room with red as its basic color. Also, you could paint Kung Fu Panda theme that is worldwide animation movie, and use the light blue as the basic color.   Girls Room Paint Ideas For girls, you could do simpler things, but you have to be more detail in painting their bedroom’s wall. You could paint pink as the main color of the room, then you could stick flowers stickers on the wall. Also, you could stick cute animal stickers, such as, rabbits, kitties, or birds.

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