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Baby Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Quilting may not be easy especially for beginners but one thing for sure is that there are always the easy options to go for even in this matter in which there are easy options of baby quilt patterns. It is true that the possibility is pretty much limitless when it comes to quilting since there are many different tastes of people to do so. Yet for the baby quilt designs, it should not be too complicated.

Comfortable Baby Quilt Patterns

The so-called quarter cut is one of the many options that can be selected for quilting with the purpose of the finished product is for baby. It has its ideal size of 40” square consists of at least 9 fat quarters of the best choice of the fabrics. The end result of baby quilt patterns is awesome although it is considered as a simple pattern. Another option could simply be the one known as spring design. This one has 9 patterns in 3x3 arrangements which could be using various forms or shapes. The result could really be attractive despite of its simplicity in design. There are still many more of the designs or baby quilt patterns that even beginners can get them done in no time.

Gallery of Baby Quilt Patterns for Beginners

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