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Bamboo Flooring Options and Things about Bamboo You Must Know

Many people love bamboo flooring not only because it is attractive but also because it is durable and is harvested from plants that can re-grow very quickly. If you want bamboo flooring in your house you must know several things about bamboo and bamboo flooring. Bamboo becomes famous since it is durable, affordable, and attractive, also it comes in many colors. Bamboo looks, feels, and cuts really like wood. Even the smells of bamboo are like the smells of wood.

Extra Bamboo Flooring Durability and Beauty

Compared to many hardwood floorings like oak and maple, bamboo flooring is much denser, it makes bamboo becomes excellent material for flooring. But actually bamboo is grass and is not considered wood. Because bamboo is grass, it can grow very fast. We can harvest bamboo in just four years up to five years. We must wait for thirty years to sixty years to mill hardwood trees into flooring. Another good point of bamboo is it will regenerate after cutting. We can harvest the same bamboo plant in only four years or only five years later. This won’t happen with oak hardwood tree. Bamboo flooring is available in two forms: solid bamboo planks and engineered planks. The installation process of solid bamboo planks is really similar to the installation process of hardwood flooring. Both options of bamboo flooring above come prefinished, you’re allowed to place your furniture once you’ve done installing bamboo flooring.

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