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Beautiful Retro Kitchen Ideas

black and white retro kitchen ideas
Retro kitchen ideas could be something you need to see, because it is quite unique and rare. Yes, constructing a retro kitchen will be pretty tempting, because it will create something different in your kitchen. Retro style is surely eye catching with its old school appearance. Furthermore, choosing a retro style as your kitchen theme is a brave decision that you should try, because its unique style will adorn your kitchen and enchant your eyes.   Decorating Retro Kitchen Ideas In creating a retro theme in your kitchen is pretty hard to do, but its result will certainly pay off. Firstly, you need to pick a color as the basic. For example, you could pick turquoise, emerald, or vanilla as the main color. Those colors are compatible with the retro style, because they show the 1960s color style. Then, you need pick the floor style. Wooden and vinyl are the common floors, but black white floor tile is one of the best 1960s floors.   Painting Retro Kitchen Storage Kitchen storage should be painted if you are going to change the theme into the retro style. You may not paint the storage, but if it is possible, it will be better to be painted, because retro style does not have the wooden color. Painting the storage with the same color of the wall is not really nice, so that you need to find another color that is matching.

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