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Brick Walkway Lined Design for Inexpensive Walkway Design

Brick walkway is versatile walkway design to be used in your patio or garden. The brick materials used in the walkway create a classic and traditional look. Therefore, you can make a walkway design in your house that looks vintage yet classy. The shade of orange color in the bricks can set such a refreshing and welcoming mood around the walkway.

Classic Brick Lined Sidewalk

The design that you can make with brick walkway are various. You can create a whole walkway design or you can combine the bricks with other materials such as sands or concrete. If you want to minimize your budget, combine the brocks with sand. This is also called as lined sidewalk where the bricks are only used to line the side of the walkway and the walk path created using sands. The combination of bricks and sands in the walkway is very interesting and unique. Another good thing from this design is its cheap price. However, if the rainy season comes, the walkway will be quite dangerous since the sands will spread everywhere and the walkway will be very slippery. Thus, brick walkway combined with sands can be used to decorate your walkway cheaper than other walkway design.

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