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Cornice Valance Custom Made Design for Unique Window Look

There are different types of window treatments that you can use on your window, one of which is cornice valance. These accessories are top treatments for your window which many people have invested their money on it. These two things often look quite similar but these are made differently. Valance is relatively shorter than curtain that is hung at the top of the window. Valance is hard top window treatment that is usually made by board.

Unique Cornice Valance Decoration

If you wish to make your window appears to be unique and gorgeous, simply choose a design of cornice valance that is different and not too usual. If you like to design the window accessories by yourself or you want to have an exclusive design of it, you can get custom cornice valance. Custom made design for window accessories is more effective in creating the curtain look that you want. Besides, you can also choose different variety of window accessories colors. You can match your color choice with the color of the curtain or the house decoration. Creating a dynamic look around the window will make your house looks unique and gorgeous. Therefore, choosing a custom made design of cornice valance will add more look and character in your house.

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