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Doggie Door Designs for Beloved Pets

Doggie door is a small door that is used as a place of exit and entry of pet animals such as dogs or cats. The owners do not bother to open the door when the dog wants to go out of the house. They can be free in and out of the house without having bored for long time in the house especially when nobody is at home. Nowadays, there are many designs of door for dog or cat that is funny and inspiring. Inspiring Doggie Door Designs Doggie door is usually installed in the door to the backyard in the house. The door would look funny if it has a similar design to the door to human. It is completed with crown molding and carving on a small wooden door until the result is similar to the door of the house. The door is attractive because it has hinges that can be closed and locked when not in use. Add also a name engraved on it if necessary. More interesting if the cat doggie door is integrated to the window so at a glance the appearance is just like a regular small window. It is also more convenient for dog to in and out through. There is also pet barrier or safety gate for those who have babies or children. The design is not too high to makes it easy to open by the dog. The last is in-built crate to be den-like for dogs. It is designed only for them to give more private space to sleep and eat with decorative doggie door.

Gallery of Doggie Door Designs for Beloved Pets

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