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Freestanding Pantry Ideas for Your Neat and Organized Kitchen Space

A freestanding pantry is always a great choice for you who deal with issues related to the limited storage and space in your kitchen. The freestanding pantry plans offer you a great flexibility to adjust to any kitchen size and layout brilliantly. Even better, some freestanding kitchen pantry ideas can feature transportable units you can move anywhere you need them.

Ideas for Freestanding Pantry

Make your kitchen look more like a commercial one without losing the homey feel by using the commercial-grade shelves for your freestanding pantry option. Use the shelving units to stow utensils, small appliances, and ingredients within reach and sight of your work spaces. Don’t worry about the price; this unit is affordable. Apart from that, it also features a great design element with its streamlined silhouettes. You can also make your own freestanding storage unit by repurposing old item. For instance, transform a bookcase into a small and movable pantry unit by adding casters and lath attachments so the unit is secured when it’s in motion. To make the unit way less conspicuous, add a curtain rod and hang clipped-on dish towels so this DIY small freestanding pantry can conceal the supplies stored while looking great in any room at the same time.

Gallery of Freestanding Pantry Ideas for Your Neat and Organized Kitchen Space

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