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Gable Roof – Advantages and Disadvantages You Need to Know

Gable roof has a striking characteristics and recognizable. It is known as pitched or peaked roof. This model is popular and easily found all over the world including in the United States. This type of roof has been popular because the price is not too expensive and the maintenance is relatively easy. However, actually, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this roof? Advantages and Disadvantages of the Gable Roof As it has been known, gable roof has frame like A shaped with each side of the roof is shaped like an inverted V. It seems easier for people to call gable roof definition as a triangular roof. This design has many advantages, namely easier flowing rain and snow because the shape of a kind of sloping roof. In addition, high framework structure allows the owners to create an attic and add more ventilation by placing additional windows. The price is relatively cheap and easy to assembly. On the other hand, gable roof also has the disadvantage that is high risk of winds and storms due to high construction. If there is an incorrect installation or less powerful construction, this roof will easily shatter when hit by the storm. For you information, snowy region house and house surrounded by large trees will be recommended to use the gable roof.

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