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Garden Shed Plans – Simple DIY Project

Garden shed plans are one of some important parts in case of outdoor storage. We may also be able to create our own by doing DIY project. Though it is modest, storage shed plans will be very useful for storing a wide range of outdoor equipments later. By relying on basic carpentry skills and some instructions on how to make it, here are the simple instructions. Garden Shed Plans and Steps First thing in garden shed plans is starting from the bottom part. Pair pegs with a distance of 1.8 m on one side and 1.2 m on the other side to make a shed with the size of 3.6 x 2.4 m. Attach beams in size of 10 x 15 cm with length of 3.6 m above the peg in a lengthwise direction. Apply joists to support the beams. Then, apply more beams in the opposite direction with a distance of 36.25 cm on each except for the outer position is 34.9 cm as the next garden shed plans. Apply plywood as the floor above a wooden frame that is made earlier by using nails. Next, build wood frame on all four sides to be the wall with the back wall is lower than the front. After completed, post plywood as the roof to close and form the roof. Close the wall with textured wood wall or other types of plywood like. Finally, put tar paper above the plywood so that water does not seep or leak in garden shed plans.

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