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Hallway Decoration Ideas

basement hallway decorating ideas
Hallway decoration ideas are the topic that we are going to discuss today. We know that every single part of our home have to be perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to consider every design plan for them (the room’s part in home). As one of them is the hallway. It seems an unimportant part of the home which unnecessarily to be considered. Yet, since we said that all parts of the house are equally important, then it must be really important. First hallway decoration Ideas In today’s article, there will be two kinds of hallways decorating ideas. Thus, here is the first idea. Check it out! It is for small hallway. For you who have this kind of hallway, the clear and tidy hallway will be a great idea. You don’t need to put too much decoration there instead you will only make it looks crowded and it’s awful. To make it decorative, you only need hang some decoration like some photos there or anything. Paint the hallway with the bright color to make it looks wider. Second hallway ideas The second and the last but not least idea are for the wide hallway space. You can use the wide space by put more decoration. You can put storage furniture there and you can decorate it with some decorations such as a doll, table lamp or anything.

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