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Hardwood Flooring in Different Construction with Different Beauty

Hardwood flooring is going to add beauty and warmth to your room also increase the value of home. We can install this kind of flooring on all levels of our house and it comes in some different constructions so we can install it in different subfloors also to mitigate the moisture. We must first identify our subfloor and our home level in order to determine hardwood construction we can install.

Stunning Interior with Sophisticated Solid Hardwood Flooring

Considering the moisture when you’re going to install your hardwood flooring is important because moisture changes will create issues like gapping and warping. In order to mitigate moisture effects, you must keep the moisture levels in recommendations of hardwood flooring manufacturer. You must also choose hardwood flooring that has right construction. Install the moisture barrier when you want to add protection layer against the moisture damage. Hardwood flooring comes in four different constructions including locking, engineered, 5/16 inch solid, and ¾ inch solid. Some solid floors allow us to sand and refinish them but you must check the warranty of the manufacturer before sanding and refinishing. The difference of ¾ inch solid flooring and 5/16 solid flooring is just their thickness, 5/16 inch solid flooring is thinner than ¾ inch hardwood flooring.

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