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Kitchen Island Design Inspirations for Any Kitchen Space

Installing or adding a kitchen island is always a great idea for your upcoming kitchen remodel project. With so many kitchen island ideas to explore, you can always find an inspiration on how to add one regardless of the size of your kitchen—in some cases, a small kitchen even can benefit from an island.

Kitchen Island Design Tips

Even though a rectangular kitchen island is so common, it doesn’t mean this is the only option in terms of shape. Bear in mind that whatever you add to your kitchen design should suit the space and needs, so go for a rounded, T-shape, or L-shape island if it’s a more suitable option which can also serve as a focal point in your kitchen. For a small space, consider a freestanding island to prevent the room from looking cramped. It also has a furniture-like look that can boost the appearance too. When planning, think about lighting. This mainly will depend on what function your island is going to serve. From the function, determine the proper lighting to complement it. Typically, pendant lamps are a common choice for a kitchen island lighting, even though you can also consider other options such as ceiling-mount, recessed, and even natural light.

Gallery of Kitchen Island Design Inspirations for Any Kitchen Space

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