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Laminate Flooring and Its Four Fascinating Components

Laminate flooring not only has great look but also has great power against dents and scratches. Laminate flooring comes in assorted finishes and styles like bamboo, mahogany, hickory, and oak. If you want hardwood flooring but you cannot afford it, all you need is laminate flooring. There are some layers sealed together during lamination process, the four components of laminate flooring are backer layer, core layer, décor layer, and wear layer.

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First layer of laminate flooring is wear layer that is filled with the aluminum oxide. Wear layer will help resist the scratches from the daily wear. We can clean the surface of wear layer easily. Then décor layer that is the second layer of laminate flooring is the printed image recreates natural look not only of wood but also stone or tile. Then there is core layer that gives the laminate the dent resistant and structure. The laminate flooring will be more dent resistant compared to the original hardwood flooring because of this core layer. Then backer layer is the final, this layer provides the additional stability and support. When choosing laminate flooring you need to consider some key features including the thickness. Usually laminate flooring comes in 12 millimeter, 10 millimeter, 8 millimeter, and 7 millimeter thickness.

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