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Mailbox Post: How to Switch Over the Standard Look

Mailbox post with unique and creative designs will certainly attract more attention than the standard mailbox. Get some references about the mailbox post ideas to be applied in our old mailbox post in order to have more attractive, unique, and beautiful appearance in your front house. For more complete look, add with some beautiful decorations to update the visual value in the mailbox post. Stunning Mailbox Post Decorations Simple mailbox post design will look more beautiful when added with floral base by planting a variety of flowers in different colors around the base of the mailbox to alive the look. Besides, mini house mailbox post looks funny too. How to make is very easy. Use paint to draw each side of the home shaped mailbox post by drawing multiple windows, doors, and pretty colorful plants. Copper shades can also create mailbox post to look more chic combined with black at the base. In addition to copper, ombre look is also interesting and different. Paint the mailbox by spraying two or more similar color similar in different tone. Add accessories such as brick exterior to cover the wood of the mailbox also seen matching with brick fence in front of the house. It is not only about the color but also fun pattern made from scrapbook paper can also beautify the inside part of the mailbox post.

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