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Maternity Pillow in Two Different Types with Different Advantages

Maternity pillow is designed in so many types. At least there are four different types of pregnancy pillow you better know before shopping for maternity pillow so you’ll get the best one. Every type of maternity pillow comes with disadvantages and advantages. Now, let us talk about some types of maternity pillow, starting from wedge maternity pillow. This wedge maternity pillow is simplest type we can find. This pillow’s main purpose is giving support for pregnant woman’s tummy also makes the tummy comfortable during sleeping period.

Types of the Best Maternity Pillow for Mommy-To-Be

Usually, pregnant women use wedge maternity pillow in addition to their regular pillow because wedge maternity pillow is not going to support the entire body areas when they sleep. Compared to other types of body pillow, wedge maternity pillow is really simple to carry and use but it cannot support your head and back. Then there is U shaped maternity pillow that is excellent for them who need to feel comfortable when they sleep on the side. U shaped maternity pillow is able to give great support for pregnant woman’s back, head, and tummy when they sleep on any side of body. With this U shaped maternity pillow any pregnant woman can switch right side and left side of her body without feeling discomfort.

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