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Mattress Sizes and the Perfect One for Your Bedroom

Mattress comes in different mattress sizes that you must adjust to your interior. The smallest mattress we can put in a master bedroom is twin mattress that the length is 75 inches and its width is 38 inches. The length of this twin mattress and also full mattress, 75 inches, is too short especially for some men. If you’re living in small master bedroom you may need to get twin XL mattress. XL size offers more inches in its length but the width is still 38 inches.

Assorted Mattress Sizes for Different Needs

Full mattress is the second of mattress sizes. This mattress is also known as double mattress that its width is 53 inches. If you’re using this mattress for you and your partner, each of you may only get 27 inches. Its length is 75 inches, probably is too short for men. Full sized mattress is perfect for single sleeper, also only if the height of that person is less than five feet five inches. Usually, XL twin mattress is used in dormitories while full sized mattress is used by parents to complement their teenagers’ bedrooms. Then there is queen sized mattress that its length is 80 inches and its width is 60 inches. This mattress is five inches longer and six inches wider than full sized mattress, but that difference is enough to make the queen mattress sizes more comfortable for couples.

Gallery of Mattress Sizes and the Perfect One for Your Bedroom

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