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Nursery Theme Ideas for Baby Boy

animal themed nursery ideas
Nursery theme ideas are probably something that new moms or expected moms need for their baby decoration. Indeed, the baby’s room has to be well decorated, because the baby has to be comfortable and happy with their room. In decorating the baby’s room, the baby’s sex is necessary, because you should decorate the room differently, depending on their sex. If you have been gifted a baby boy, you have to decorate room with a certain theme that is related to boys’ things.   Decorating Nursery Theme Ideas for Baby Boy A baby boy needs a theme that is quite cute and related to boys. There are actually many preferences that you could pick as your baby boy’s room theme, such as, cartoon movie character, animals, and super hero. Cartoon movie characters that you could pick are SpongebobsSquarepants, Doraemon, Mario Bros, and Thomas & Friends. For the animals, there are a lot of cute animals that could your theme, such as, giraffe, elephant, zebra, lion, and many others.   Nursery Equipments If you have picked the theme, now you need to consider about the equipment. Of course, you have to match the equipment with the theme, but the first thing you need to pay attention on is the safety, especially for the crib. The toys should also be considered. It should be safety and useful to stimulate the baby’s brain.

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