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Piano Hinge Installation – Simple DIY for You

Piano hinge in a piano is one part that affects the beauty and function of the piano. This is because the piano will be a focal point when it is played. It is a must for the piano to have a hinge that is strong and durable. However, if it is needed to replace with the new one, do not worry because the way to do piano hinge installation is quite easy and can be done by yourself. DIY Piano Hinge Installation The first thing is to find the desired piano hinge. There are a lot of stores that sell the piano hinge like eBay. They provide various types and prices ranging from aluminum, brass, up to stainless piano hinge. Do not forget to measure the hinge placement after purchased the item. Usually, the piano hinge is placed at 5 inches from the top and 10 inches from the bottom. The next thing to do is cut recesses of the piano using chisel to make a surface of the hinge and the surface of the door flush. After that, attach the hinge and tighten using a pencil electric drill in the fastening holes. Fasten it along with wood screws in the piano. Play back the piano as usual with the new piano hinge.

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