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Triple Bunk Bed with Special Features for Children and Teens

Bunk bed is perfect for bedroom since it provides space for the owner to get rest without taking up the floor space and triple bunk bed is even better since it offers beds for three persons at once but takes floor space only for one bed. There are some variations of bunk bed including the futon bunk bed. Loft beds above a futon are a new beautiful option for bedroom. This type of bunk bed allows us to use the bottom bed to be sofa during daytime then we can change it into sleeping space when we need to sleep on it. This one is perfect for bedrooms of teenagers.

Adorable Triple Loft Bunk Bed for Kids and Teens

If you’re good parents and looking for attractive but functional triple bunk bed for your kids’ bedroom you may want bunk bed that comes with the attached tents, slides, or the another play feature. For teenagers, there is bunk bed that comes with shelves, drawers, and desks to let those teenagers saving more spaces. Before looking for a triple bunk bed you must gather some measurements first including the measurement from bedroom floor to bedroom ceiling. Bunk bed is between 5½ feet and 6 feet tall, the triple one can be taller. Measure your bedroom from floor to ceiling and make sure there is two feet or more space between ceiling and top of triple bunk bed.

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