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Two Living Room Layout Ideas

apartment living room furniture layout ideas
Living room layout ideas are essential thing to give particular impression towards the room. Every homeowner actually has different taste and judgment when talking about layout. Here will be described to layout models commonly applied to contemporary houses.

First Living Room Layout Ideas

Starting from the most common layout, it is actually floating layout. Western people tend to have such model because of living room available space which tends to be quite big. Though its name called floating, it does not mean the furniture is above the ground. What makes it float is because it is not attached to other structure such as wall, screen, and something similar. This layout is based on table in the middle of the room surrounded by chairs or sofas. Since there is no structure nearby chairs and even table, it is called floating layout.

Other Living Room Layout

This layout is slightly different because some chairs are against the wall. It can be interpreted as attached or fixed layout because the chairs against the wall cannot be moved backward unlike the previous model. This layout is great for smaller room because it maximally fits the size of the room. What makes this model not preferred is because inflexibility and monotonous arrangement.

Gallery of Two Living Room Layout Ideas

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