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Unique Raised Garden Bed Ideas

backyard raised garden bed ideas
Raised garden bed ideas are quite essential for some farmers or even ordinary planters. As the name suggests, you can interpret this structure as bed bed for plants. Any kind of plant will be put on this garden bed to keep them in place. It is really useful for organizing the plants based on its species, size, age, and other parameter. Reason for Finding Raised Garden Bed Ideas There are some reasons supporting this construction. The first is related to its ability in separating plants. The bed construction is actually not limited to single bed because there is stair-like bed for achieving beauty and efficiency at the same time. Secondly, the raised construction allows farmers to work while standing which is great for their backs. Gardening while squatting is sometime painful especially for older people. The next reason comes from its raised construction that disables land animal that cannot jump to disturb plants’ growth.

Raised Garden Model

Basically there are some options to “raise” the bed, and it is a matter of owner’s preference. It is possible to make it like regular bed with 10 cm raised panel from the ground. For additional idea, it is also possible to create a vessel-like construction using foundation pole to support it.

Gallery of Unique Raised Garden Bed Ideas

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