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Utility Sink for Laundry Room

Among the types of sink that can be selected accordingly is the one known as the utility sink. This particular sink is actually different from those common type of sink found in either a kitchen or a bathroom. So, what kind of sink it is actually? This one type of sink is known to be an integral part of a laundry room. Thus it is often being called as laundry utility sink.

Characteristics of Utility Sink

It is easy to actually differentiate this particular type of sink form those other types. This utility sink has a deeper basin since it is related to the thing to be done inside a laundry room itself. Moreover the design of this sink is totally different from those sinks inside a kitchen or a bathroom. It has four legs like a table and it has no storage space underneath the sink. As a matter of fact in referring to the design of this sink, it could be a unique choice to make use of it for either a kitchen or a bathroom. Yet the depth of the sink might be an issue to deal with when trying to make use of the so-called utility sink in other spaces instead of a laundry room.

Gallery of Utility Sink for Laundry Room

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