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Vent Covers Cleaning Tips to Keep Yours Clean

Nothing tells you that you haven’t cleaned properly like the way the dust halos surround the dirty vent covers. With vent covers for house, cleaning your regularly is always important. Today, we will share some important tips you can use as a guide to help you, so you are ensured that your vent cover will always stay clean, meaning that you can make sure the air in the room is clean as well.

How to Clean Vent Covers

Clean your vent covers regularly! Monthly cleaning is highly recommended and you need to make sure that the air conditioning or heat is off first before you start. If the vents are extremely dirty, protect the furniture using a sheet or plastic to protect the area under the vent. Vacuum the vents or simply wipe yours using a dry microfiber cloth. Apart from those, be sure to change the filter monthly too. Twice a year, it’s highly recommended for you to remove the small covers and clean them. Be prepared since they’re most likely extremely dirty from dust on both sides. Clean the small vent cover by soaking yours in a sink you’ve filed with soapy, warm water. Wash with a microfiber cloth. Be sure not to soak the vent covers too long, nor should you scrub too hard; otherwise, the paint will come off.

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