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Vertical Studio Apartment Design Ideas

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Studio apartment design ideas are important to make your studio space much homier. Let’s face it; whenever it comes to apartment, we deal with limited space and a pre concept that is not ours. Studio apartment however, just like any other space can be lovely with right layout and right furniture setting.   Furniture Setting Studio Apartment Design Ideas In a limited space, one may not be able to complete rooms based on its function. Say no to furniture with big scales that take almost half of your spaces out. Say yes to foldable and multifunction furniture that helps you saving the space as well as helps you feel more relieve. Consider installing Murphy bed and investing in foldable chairs and tables.   Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas After the major feature like furniture done well, now it is time to think the minor yet not with so minor effect one; the decorating ideas. When it comes with studio apartment, think vertically to do the decorating. Hanging artwork, displayable paintings on the wall or even simply an attractive wall decals itself is a space saver that works to beautify your rooms more than you expect. Surely, vertical space has more than the horizontal does.

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