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Window Cornice Cheap for Stylish yet Affordable Home Decor

Window cornice is a decorated window accessory made by wood or other hard materials. Cornice is usually attached in curtains using hooks or rings. This window accessory becomes a favorite among many people to make their window looks more decorative and appealing. There are different looks that cornice can create in your house. It can be casual or formal depending on the choice that you made.

Build Window Cornice on a Budget

Since there are plenty choices of window cornice material and design that you can choose for the cornice. For the best result, you can choose the cornice that is suitable with your window design. You can make your window looks more outstanding if you combine the window with window shades. Using this window accessories will add strong architectural character and make the room feels roomier. There are some materials that are commonly used to make cornice such as gypsum, board and wood. Each material has different prices that you can adjust with your budget. If you choose low end cornice design, you should choose cornice made by gypsum rather that wood or board. Gypsum window cornice has contemporary color and style that can make your house looks minimalist yet still elegant.

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