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Window Treatment Ideas for Your Lovely Home

window treatment ideas and pictures
Window treatment ideas are very important thing to keep the window. If you have clean window, your house will be more beautiful right! The dirty window will break the beauty of your home. Therefore you have to keep the window cleanliness with the perfect treatment. Usually, the window in a house is using a glass so you have to make sure that you have a glazed window. Many window treatment ideas for your inspiration If you want to have clean window, you have to clean the window sills first. Especially, if the color of the window sill is white, you can clean it with damp cloth. Also, if the window sill is made of wood, you should pay attention more, because the wood is easy to be eaten by termite. For the glass, you can use liquid to clean the stubborn dirt. The inspiration to make the window more beautiful The house without a window is weird. So you have to install the window with its complement. To make it more beautiful you can add attractive and colorful curtain. It depends on the home decoration type. If your home has vintage decoration, you are able to apply flowering curtain motif.

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