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Wood Flooring Beauty for All Rooms in Your House

Wood flooring is able to enhance your room interior. It comes in many types and each type of wood flooring will give different look to your room. There is unfinished wood flooring also factory finish wood flooring. The unfinished wood flooring is not finished by the factory so your installer is going to sand your wood floor then apply finish. Finish is important to protect your wood floor. The finish itself comes in several options that give different look to your room.

Fantastic Wood Flooring Types and Styles

The second type of wood flooring, factory finished wood flooring, manufacturer of wood flooring will apply the finish. Installing factory finished wood flooring is quicker since both sanding process and the finishing process have been done in the factory. After the installation everyone can walk on the wooden floor immediately and they don’t have to wait. There is also engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. We can install solid wood flooring on or above the grade. We are also allowed to sand and refinish solid wood flooring few times. Engineered wood flooring is the real wood flooring that is made using composite veneers or multiple veneers. Sometimes we can sand and refinish engineered wood flooring depend on thickness of the top layer.

Gallery of Wood Flooring Beauty for All Rooms in Your House

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